15 April 2008

My 22nd Birthday

How long since it has passed? Wait a, let me check it first.

It has been exactly 10 days from my date of birthday of 22 years old. While I am posting out this blog, I have lived in this world for 8,046 days. For my 22nd birthday, I felt really depressed and disappointed. As the contradict of what people always said:

"Ulam yang diidamkan tidak kesampaian, pucuk yang diharap tidak tahu ke mana."

Yes. I did wait for a few birthday wishes from some people that I felt closed to me in the HEART. Alhamdulillah for those that wished my birthday on time or late for few days, especially my BEST BUDDY. Thank you Mohd Rosli Kamaruddin for always being there for me.

But, it almost has been two weeks and I still felt a bit of heart broken.

From one side or a portion of my heart had been crushed badly and I left it to Allah to heal that part.

From another side of a portion, still I feel unease even though I have not tell her or him [just let it be unquestioned whether it is he or she] that she or he did not wish my birthday. Well I considered she or he as my special friend not like others. I do not have any intension that she or he would read this in return for her or his late wish. But at least I have a way to express my feelings towards my friends. If you have friends that you wished to be friend forever, remember them always. At least wish them on their birthday and it means a lot to those being wished.

Thank you again for being my FRIENDS.


moroka said...

besday best buddy mana bleh lupa..kalu dop x leh la makan free blk nanti.hehehe.

birthday wish bg sesetengah org is not that meaningful. but for some, wish tu sebagai tanda ingatan. bknnya nk mengharapkan hadiah ke apa..ingatan tu penting. :D

Orchid & Pastry said...

yup2..ingatan tu lbh bermakna..tp kalu ada hadiah lagi bagus jg..mmg fitrah manusia..nk diingati oleh org..jadi kena ingat ko oghe len jg..hehe

Hafizd said...

wah2...sedeynye baca..i am so sorry kalo termask dlm golongan yg ko upset tuh...huhu..sorry eh..jgn mara

iNz said...

hepi belated 22nd b/day!

God bless

n may all ur dreams come true!


let the rainbow colors ur day =)

sorry for the late wish~

x sangke rajin berblog juge ek.


Orchid & Pastry said...

alaa..inz..invite a aku k blog mu..nk jg view blog mu..hehehe

iNz said...

ahah..nnt2 la. tunggu nk edit2 sket br leh bukak pd umum =)

Orchid & Pastry said...

owh..its okay..x kisah pun kalu tgh edit2 lg..time2 tgh buat renovation elok jg buka pintu utk sahabat2..nnt bleh bagi komen membina..hehehe