17 April 2008

My Best Buddy

Alhamdulillah. Weeks by weeks, months by month, I have the opportunity given by Allah to add new ORCHID into my personnel collections.

Talking about orchids, this is one of many from my collections that is very hard to bloom. Although my mother and i bought it almost 6 to 7 months, we were frustrated that it did not flower even the orchids from the same stock at the flower shop had flowered beautifully with red, green yellowish and pink colors. Furthermore, we could not determine what kind of colors of the flower if it came out because the owner, Kak Zan also did not know.

Alhamdulillah after another kind of flower from the same family of this kind that I brought home with a shoot of flower and played MP3 songs for many times, it started to come out. I cheered it with joy with the short small SHOOT it gives out. It is true that Allah will always be with those who has passion and patient along with them good intentions and boastful rewards in the end. Alhamdulillah.

I would like to tribute this flower to my best buddy Mohd Rosli bin Kamaruddin. He is one of kind in this world. He like red color very much. So girls out there please take NOTE. If you want to give presents or to tackle him, make sure it(s) has something to do with RED.

An emotional friend of mine that sometimes he is like an interpreter to my feelings. Thats why I do not really mind if he is emotional on certain things but not ALWAYS. *Rosli please take note!. He he he.

He is sometimes quiet but his thought or ideas given is marvelous. A really blessed person with high IQ and effective EQ [as he is an emotional person]. Just like the orchid, to get his trusts would never be as easy as it seems. Quiet, calm and persist mind are his weapons. Patient is the key to win his heart and trust. At the end we became the bestest buddy like the flower was being bloomed beautifully by Allah as a reward to my passion and patient. Alhamdulillah~

Nonetheless, he is a good peer and a loyal colloq to me. I always forced him to accompany me wherever I went during my study in UTP. But in return I always be there for him. A true friend is the one call best buddy.

A true best buddy is the one who always there for his buddy. It is true, sometimes we did not recognized others until we have somethings in common. But actually we do have something(s) in common with all people that we eventually realized it when either one side voice it out. So be more open towards other. Accept them as they are. InsyaAllah others will accept you as you are. This is because Allah accept all as they are.

"EMOTIONS keep the world spinning"


moroka said...

waaah..terharu. tQ so much best buddy..:D ~

x sabar nk balik utp. nk tubik skali lagi. huhu..

p/s: jgn lupa siram orkid tu..jaga leklok. balik nati nk tgk..hehe.~

moroka said...

siap ada gambar aku tu..promote habis-habisan ni...risau jgok aku..takut jd hot stuff plak lpas ni..hahahaha. =P

Orchid & Pastry said...

hehe welkam2x..insyaAllah

Anonymous said...

cool :D

Orchid & Pastry said...

thanks aalim..insyaAllah..lps ni mu pula akan aku promotekan..hehehe bak gambar mu sor..gambar mu sblum ni dah x d sb HD corrupt..huhu

Husna said...

to get his trust.. -_-" i agreed on that harith. nway, nice post! =)

Orchid & Pastry said...

hahaha..tiko aku rindu best fren ku..hehe

[YeOp] said...

kalo aku pikir bukan2, sure aku ingat korang gay! hahaha~ jgn marah harith. gurau je. hehe.. *peace*

Orchid & Pastry said...

hahaha..kami best buddy :D