21 April 2008

My Lunch As Of For Today

Lunch~ Oh Lunch~

To some extents, I really love to eat. My eating is to keep me alive and my stomach happy. Most people said, if you want to know whether a man which I am referring to a husband, "is he HAPPY or NOT? See their waist. If it is wider than before, it means he is living in a happy life". That is so stereotyping, I would say. [I am sorry if I hurt reader'(s) feeling.]

But I always pray for the best to all my family, my friends and my readers. During my early period of industrial training, where staff PETLIN had meetings almost everyday because of malfunction of the extruder, there were lots of food and refreshments that were meant to be finished. It was like a raining of food at that time. Furthermore, with the farewells of retired and promoted staffs, "Nasi Dagang Terengganu" would be the topic in the air. Wah! The days were full of food and they were free. Alhamdulillah, everyday I went home ~ FULL.

Then, Gina said, "Harith, I always see you with hands full and you are always eating and eating." PING~! Head shot. That was not the end, "Harith, you have become fat. Different than the early days of your intern." Twice being head shots. Followed with lots of comments afterwards.

Then I started to take control of my diets. Well, it was so hard to initiate to change my habit of eating which I love most -to eat- and enjoy doing it all the time. Ha ha ha. It lasted for couple of weeks and I have made another U-turn to my old habit. Eating and eating and eating.

Alhamdulillah, since I am currently maintaining my exercises on my evenings, I play badminton or squash, during weekend's nights I play futsal with PETLIN staff, latest would be petong aka sand bowl [not lawn bowl], I eat less and less. In a week, my dinner of rice would be twice or three times only. Even on some nights I eat only fruits like green apple or banana. It pays a lot. Although I saved up some money for the fuels, I also received comments that I am fit and steady. Alhamdulillah~ Even during my lunch time, I constantly trying to eat less than I wanted to as like today's lunch:

InsyaAllah, next time I will post my way of eatings that I actually combined from Prophet Muhammad's ways and proven from the researches done.

"Basmallah at the start & end with Alhamdulillah."


moroka said...

good for you.just make sure that you have enough energy to do ur daily tasks.

for me, i want to eat more and more! hehehe. :D

Orchid & Pastry said...

hahaha..the most important meal is the breakfast who is like the king,lunch is like the prince and dinner is like the pauper [org miskin] which I do not agree on the pauper term..hahaha

moroka said...

for most of us, dinner is the emperor. hahahaha.

bila nk letak cbox, tmpat chatting kat blog ni? nak buat bising cket.hehehe.:D

Orchid & Pastry said...

hurm..aku x surf lg cam ne nk tambah benda tu..huhu

moroka said...

blaja letak dulu. aku maghi skali lagi nk tgk ada doh..hahaha.