15 April 2008

Minutes of nothings

Today, 15 April 2008 has been marked as the most tension and stressful day of trainee since trainee's period of industrial training. It happened during the departmental meeting for the department's activities during the next Town Hall Session. A brief description of Town Hall: it is where a sharing session between the managements and the workers, from the highest position - Chief Executive Officer until the contractors. We will gather in the Multi-Purpose Hall and listen to those who presenting his or her department in sharing their knowledges and achievements. During the meeting, trainee was given the responsibilities to take the minutes using the meeting room's computer. Trainee typed as what the members discussed and agreed.

Then until one of the members of the meeting wanted to show his works, the file could not be open. A few times of trials and errors that trainee tried to open the file but resulted in failure. Well, the file was edited and saved using freelance which trainee not familiar with. Not very very very familiar to trainee. Trainee felt useless at that time. Then, the owner of the file did manage to call upon an IT specialist to help him to open the file. Well since he was the one and only person that expert in IT we had to bear with some of his not so GOOD attitudes. Sometimes trainee felt really irritated and really really really wanted to kick his butt. The minutes file that trainee was editing still open and unsaved. During the trials and errors that IT guy was doing, he wanted to closed the minutes file. He asked whether trainee had saved it or not. Trainee said loud and clear that it was not saved plussed the back up from another staff saying the same thing to save before closing the minutes file. BUT HE CLICKED "NO".


Slipped through trainee mouth. Trainee was really pissed off by his actions which was really uncomfortable and irritating. Although being said clearly that the file needed to be saved yet he click "NO". PISSED by his actions even not admitting that it was his fault and continued selamba doing dunno. Without getting an excuse, trainee left the meeting room. What a crap! Doing something but yet ended up with nothing.



Hafizd said...

tension at work..dats what we call routine at work.well, u just a trainee..not work there yet..heh..all the best..nice blog. fyi, i love gardening too, but not planting flower..more in to vegetables..

moroka said...

sabar2..biasala tu. bila lagi nk merasa tension blk kijo. kalu hepi sokmo tak mencabar la.hehehe.

Orchid & Pastry said...

hahaha..sape2 nk ulam dan pucuk sile contact pitya (hafizd)..mmg kite smua ada somethings in common..patut la ngam..haha