12 May 2008

Blogging Marathon


Yea~! This is the 3rd post for tonight. Mm, a quick sharing with you all. A smiling face and a sour face, which one would make the world a nicer place live?


Furthermore, the movement to make a sour face took 40 or more facial tissues or muscles to work. But, to smile, it required around 20 facial tissues or muscles to form a beautiful curve. So smile. Your smiles worth to make the world a better place to live :)

( : smile : )


moroka said...

alaa baru tiga apdet. buat la 30 ko. baru x larat oghe nak baca.ni x sampai 5 minit baca pun bleh abis. hahaha.

smile :)

Orchid & Pastry said...

Hahaha..ok2..just give some more time..now br dpt task baru drp bos..alhamdulillah