24 May 2008

Water oh water . . .

As requested, another story of my life in Kerteh.

Sigh. *It is not very good to sigh a lot in life, as in life there are choices.

Sigh. Too many choices, too hard to choose one. If we could choose all, may be we would not yearn too much. But, then life does not have choice. Sigh. See, again and again.

Enough with the introduction.

Today, it is the second time or the third time that I have water problem since I came to Kerteh. I am pretty sure that it is more than one time of water shortage at Taman Panalex. So, anyone who wants to live in Kerteh, I would to advice to seek any residential area besides than Taman Panalex.

Oh, water oh water.

The water shortage started around 3.30 p.m. Then, I performed the ablutions at the nearby surau. Shower for tonight? As always when water shortage happened like before, I had my bath at nearby mosque. He he he.

After that, I performed my maghrib prayer before went back home. Sigh. I hope the water shortage would be over by tomorrow morning. Or not I might have to go to the mosque again to have my morning shower. Even though if it would continue, insyaAllah I would take it as a challenge in my life in Kerteh.

Well, I just wondering where and how I would react if I do have problem with my stomach. I hope that would not happen tonight. Ha! At McDonald perhaps? Yea I like McDonald. He he he. I am going to McDonald just to use the toilet. Ha ha ha.


moroka said...

lor..masalah air ko. kerteh pun shortage of water jgak ko. ingatkan utp jah. hahaha. :p

Hafizd said...

utp ok je =p