04 August 2008

Squidward Tentacles

SpongeBob SquarePants Series

Yes, I like to watch SpongeBob SquarePants series. He is so funny and at certain he even does not know what gonna happen and whats he is saying. Hilarious in its story telling.

Here I would like to talk about the antagonist of the series. It is Squidward Tentacles. He is an octopus actually. He is a lonely person and seems to be so energetic when he is not around. His hobbies are painting: his own face and fruits and he like most to blow his clarinet.

His house located in the between of SpongeBob's pineapple house and Patrick's rock. He is one hard and cold hearted neighbor. Very sadistic people. I too have experience this kind of people. Full-stop! Later. Here is about Squidward. He he he :P

Cold hearted octopus

Every weekend he would have his sunbathing times in front of his house. He merely would do anything he likes away from his neighbor. What a bad neighbor he is~!

He has the ego of the highest mountain in the sea land. He he he [like Mr. Krabb] Ai-aii ladd. His ego as he is the best. He is always right. He is the one. No one is better than him, especially SpongeBob. That is how his mindset. What a bad octopus~!. The truth of his face of ego can be seen in the Episode 217a with the title of "Just One Bite". [Download Video Here: JUST ONE BITE]

He had never tasted the Krabby Patty and as usual, our hero, SpongeBob persuaded him to test the patty. Man~ he is sure a tough one. And he would do anything to get rid off SpongeBob.

"Is this eyes show unsure?"

A lot of bad characters inset of Squidward. But one thing for sure, even though he is not that good in playing his favorite clarinet, he always practice and practice and practice. It is a good example towards the kids and who ever watching the series. But remember, practices do not guarantee perfect skills. It is perfect practices make perfect.

"Perfect PracticeS make PerfectS"


nimzoindy said...

Dh lama xdtg blog ni.. Dh tuka template ye? Eh, best ke cte spongebob ni?

HARITH said...

hahaha mesti la..kalu nk release tension tgk spongebob..kalu cam rasa nk tgk lawak bodo tp mantap tgk spongebob..nk tgk dumb people acting tough and brilliant thought came out from them..tgk spongebob..ignorance is bliss from this series..hehee

soursugar said...

eh igtkan blog org putih td..hehe
eh,cite spongebob best giler.tp watak yg saya suka dlm citer nih patrick..hehehe xbole bela,kkadang gelak guling2 saya tgk citer tuh..xDDDD

HARITH said...

x sempat lg nk buat review character len..hehe nnt2 la ye...byk sgt list kartun aku suke..gaga