02 August 2008


After two days of playing with the HTML of my blog, finally I have satisfied the appearance of my current blog. Hopefully it would last for a quite of sometimes as to change it once more, the widgets and lots of additional parts would be needed to be re included again. [Penat kott..~]

At least now I know where to modify the width of my blog's posting and the side bar's width. He he he. Tried a lot of adjustment that really heated up my brain. I am a chemical student not an IT programmer. In the learning progress of the programing. He he he.

I have already put up a list of websites which provide free blogger templates as other methods of blogging: wordpress and etc. Well, good luck to you guys and girls out there that are like me, an armature in programing and blogging ^_^.

"Hard Works Pay"

1 comment:

Hafizd said...

hihi...doesnt really mattet IT or Engine...

u r future engineer to be..so u can work it out dude~