19 July 2009

Mangosteens ^^


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to ALL ~

Alhamdulillah praise to the Al-Mighty that has given us the opportunity to live for another day, day by day, just to worship Him even more. It has been quite of sometime since my last entry. He he he. Lots have been going on and lots to be storied out in this blog later on.

Yesterday was a great day of exercise. After few weeks without breaking a sweat, I got the chance to do exercise by climbing up the MANGOSTEEN trees. Mangosteen in Bahasa is Manggis and mother-tounge of Kelantanese is Setor.

Me on the tree

Yeah, it was a great experience since my last time of climbing a fruit tree before this. Once I fell down from the Dokong tree. Hu hu hu. It hurted a lot. Motivated to do some sweating, I also wanted to conquer my fear of height. Yes, I do afraid of height. But yesterday, I managed to overcome the fear. Alhamdulillah.

Me, my parents and Syah went to Aunt Aee house where they have four mangosteen trees planted in their orchard. I succesfully climbed only three out of four trees as the third one had lots of ants crawling on its branches and they bite. Hu hu hu -_____-"

Up on the tree, I used a stick to serve as my extended-hand and to knock down the fruits, mangosteens. Sometimes I just shaked the branches and the riped mangosteens would fall down by gravity. He he he. Down below, I had two assistants to help me in collecting the riped mangosteen:


Alhamdulillah, we took home two plastic bags full of mangosteen home and left the rest for mizah to eat them up. He he he. Thank you to my aunt and cousin, mizah for the great time yesterday~



Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

sedakknyooo set'tooo~~~~ woh pauh xdop kooo??pauh hok putikk aa.nk make nga budu.cni putik pauh maha ;p

HARITH said...

haha..ngidam la tu..insyaAllah kalu ado ambo roger..belle2 tu suh la abe li cari kat pasar malam ko, pasar pagi harian ko..ngidam kan..jgn simpan2 tau..hehe

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

haha.jupo dh laaa.kecik celeh.sriya sbutir!

HARITH said...

alhamdulillah..kecik celeh pn ttp buah pauh..bersyukur..xpo la..lps ni jupo hok makin besar..spo la hok dikandung lo ni..mulo2 kecik..lps tu besar..lamo2 jgn muak plak..sayang slalu..insyaAllah berkat tu akan tiba..hehe :)

pakcik said...

maggis. one of my favourites.

pakcik suka mangga makan dengan gula campur kicap.

perghh meleleh!

HARITH said...

hoh?! wak colek? ada jg spesis lagu ni..bereh2 nk make fresh2 jemput a mari KB..bleh g ukah pokok setor skali :)