19 July 2009

A Lunch With Syurahbil

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to ALL ~

Alhamdulillah, today's lunch was marvelous. I got to have lunch together with an old friend, Syurahbil. What's so great about him? Well, he is a medical student who is pursuing his dreamed career in one of universities in Ireland. Ireland tuuuu~, don't play play a.

Long story shorted; he has been longing to eat pizza for a long time. Furthermore, previous of today, he said that he already had McD and KFC and other fast food meals except at for pizza. So, we went to the Pizza Hut at KBMALL. We were just two lonely guy sitting at one side of the restaurants. Time to order: a meal set for 4 PERSONS was order by him and even the waitress shocked. It was only just us, me and him. To add more, the waitress recommended us to take a meal set for two, and we were trying to give more to the Pizza Hut. Ha ha ha.

Hawaian Chicken and Island Supreme

Thus we ended up with 2 regular Pan pizza: Hawaian Chicken and Island Supreme, 4 bread sticks, 4 bowls of mushroom soup and a jug of revive. What a diet was that lunch. He he he. Alhamdulillah, in front of food we can not quarel and we did divide equally ^^. During the time for the pizza to be served, we had a lot of discussion and stories to update while sipping the soup and crunching the stick :-)

Nujum Pak Belalang Moden - guna mushroom soup :P

Waiting for the pizza to be served :D

Eating time [mentekedarah]



pakcik said...

Bila nak sampai KB nih!

HARITH said...

jemput2..baik dtg cepat2 sblum keje..dh keje nnt xth ada kesenangan k dop..melenkan keje kat kB or keje sendiri..hehe

pakcik said...

haha you re smart!

HARITH said...



LyNzI said...

2 org bermanja kt komenn =p

HARITH said...

nk join jg ke? xd masalah~ hehe ^^

LyNzI said...

xpela..i gv u 2 a chance tok bermanja2..uHu~~

HARITH said...

eh eh..mentang2 ambo duk jauh..demo duk dekat2..huhu bereh..bleh blako :)