24 May 2010

Missing Episode 33 - My Lecturer

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

This is not a new picture. During ambo's previous field work in early March 2010, ambo and co-worker to Perak. Ambo usually would call ambo's favorite lecturer, Dr. Shamsul a.k.a. Dr. Shark. Lots to catch up with him. We dined together at Satay Endut in Ipoh City, at a food court next to Gerbang Malam of Ipoh. The satay was not bad.

-half face-

That night Sharky picked ambo and ambo's co-worker at the hotel and it was ambo's first time rided the Hyundai Sonata. It was very spacious and comfortable. Ambo have been dreaming to board that car since in UTP. But he did not permitted. Tried once to scratch the car. Ha ha ha.

He is one of ambo's favorite lecturer. Very closed to ambo. He is the advisor of Tronoh Teater Shop. He always wanted ambo to join the teater. But ambo did not have the confidence to be in front of many crowds. The first meeting with him was during a breakfast in ambo's 2nd year in UTP, if ambo am not mistaken. Then, we became closed. But ambo was not his formal student until ambo's final year. Ambo was inspired by him to take up ambo's major subject in Industrial Environmental Engineering. He promised A for the subject, but ambo got B. In fact it was about EQA1974, the subject of environmental law and ambo was not that expert in law things.

Even though it is about 1 year ambo left UTP, we still keep in touch ^^.

"Boundriless friendship"

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