10 September 2009

Once Upon A Time

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

This morning, I just went through some of my childhood's photos and I found this one below:

Far to the left is harith ^^

It brings back some sweet memories. It was my first time to perform in front of the royal family of Sultan Kelantan. It took place on 31 March 1992 at Kubang Kerian Palace in front of the Sultan and his family and cabinet members at that time. Our performance of a short drama, which I could not recall the title, represented our kindergarten: Tadika Tengku Anis. [Click here]

In the picture I am the smallest one. Easy to recognize right? He he he. So, I was a part in play during my first school. Was there quality(s) in me to be selected back then? Do I still possess that quality? Well, back in campus, Dr. Shark a.k.a. Prof. Shamsul always asking me to join his Tronoh Theater Shop (T.T.S.) :P

To my friends in the picture, I am sorry that I could not recall all of you even the slightest of your names. If anyone out there recognizes his or her picture, or knew any of the 8 other kids, or related to them, please give a call and you always can leave a message in my chatter box of my blog.

I am looking forward to meet you guys. What have been you guys doing? Studying or working? I wish you all in good shape and healthier by days. Thank you.

"Tracking back the memories"


moroka said...

hoho..kiut jah time kecik dulu. lo ni jah koho mengembang. heheh. :P

HARITH said...

thanks for the first one..last part: APE KESSS?! hehe nk buat lagu mano..oghe kato membesarkn ;)

y[o]n said...

"..wish you all in good shape.."

demo x in gud shape ke? huhuhu~~

HARITH said...

Good shape tu i wish that all my friends are GOOD, in term of health, well-beings, and other things that make them happy ^^ and to you as well ^^