09 September 2009

Catching Up

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

Catching up. Yup it has been 2 months of silents from blogging and almost 3 months of unemployed period, I am starting to increase my pace. There are lots of things have been going on since I left campus. Oh, not so sweet life campus, I hope that I could swipe away those not so good memories forever [forever ever].

To all my closed friends and friends as well as my readers, I am sorry that I have not been online as usual back in campus. Life at home is such a peaceful and full of tranquility from dateline and assignments :P

Although I have 3 more siblings and I am the only one at home, sometimes it does feel like the only prince in the house and sometimes like the only maids and other house-work's positions are being shouldered. (^-^)") Everyday 'wan' would ask: "nok make gapo pette ni?" ['what to eat for dinner?']. Everyday also the same thing would be ordered to: "bangun gi sidai kain nuh!" ['go and dry the clothes'].

Sometimes I wonder, how do people coupe with their routines, everyday routines, such as a full-time housewife like my mother herself, 'wan'. Well I did not bother to ask her directly. (-__-)" May be it is true in what Ustaz Hasrizal said: "Erti Hidup Pada Memberi".

In this year Ramadhan, I feel a bit sad because the eldest in my family, tok mek passed away one nights after I arrived home from campus in early June and my consistency in 'ibadah is dropping. What a declining moral life that I am living currently.

Tonight will be the first night of the last tenth night or the embark of the last phase of Ramadhan's nights. I will always be praying to Allah so that He would grant me, my family, my friends and all the Muslims with His blessings and the best for everyone. Lets us improve and increase our faith and 'ibadah during this last phase of Ramadhan and maintain our 'ibadah afterward. InsyaAllah, amin.

"Happy: Fasting, Break, Eiddul Fitr"


y[o]n said...

htirahh!! miss u a lot!! haha~~ bgs2..harith boleh blaja ape yg ur mOm buat hr2. baru tau ssh sng jd housewife kann.. :)

moroka said...

akhirnya update jgak..huhu. duk dumoh mmg best..homesick doh ni. :(

Mohd Hafizd said...

diagram sket~ tu la dh soploh mlm terakhir nihh..

HARITH said...

k.y[o]n: hehe..kalu ikutkn hati nok je duk klate..dop sey g mano2 doh..hehe

moroka: ^^ balik2 jgn dop balik..kerteh dekat jah..time intern ambo blk tiap2 minggu :>

Pitya: insyaAllah diagram menyusul dlm post strusnya..dah lama dop update skill pilih gmbar pn dh tumpul dh..hehe

To all: Jom berusaha lebih gigih di malam2 akhir ramadhan ni..dan maintain amalan y bleh selepas ramadhan..insyaAllah amin

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

huh, finaly! update jgk rumah tbengkalai ni ;p hehe. cpt2 cr kijo kmpul duit nk nikoh ;p nati jd supo ' apo kono oi jang' kt nogori sembilang nu~ mlepas si milah~ haha~

HARITH said...

k.Faeeza: hehe..nk buat cam ne..pokok bunga dop caro mano pn berbunga..tp blog ni kena caro jgk lps lamo dop caro..hehe kerja..insyaAllah..dh byk y diapply nye..maybe lps raya baru dpt responce rasanya..insyaAllah..biasa la..keje x sempat nk buat kan..dh nk dekat raya dh ;-)