15 June 2009

Missing Episode 26 - Baking Class With Mr.&Mrs. Li-Za

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.r.t and good day to all~

It has been sometimes that I began to be actively updating my blog. This is a tribute to Mr. & Mrs. Li-Faeeza upon their first baking class here with my mother. My mother cream puff has become very famous among my friends. Mrs. Faeeza was on the move to learn the cream puff making~ So I had arranged a class with my mother during previous holiday in May. She came with her lovely Mr. Li and a younger brother Faeezuwan. Upon my mother generousity, she taught her an extra recipe how to bake the egg tart~

First session, making the puff:

The first try~

The Mr. Li

Very creative

Second Session, egg tart~ [while waiting for the puff to be baked]

Pouring the egg juice

Filing the cream into the puff, the truth revealed: [while waiting for the egg tart to be baked]

Finger licking good~

Credits to Mr. Li that took these two pictures

-The end-

But at the end, the egg tarts was delicious and full of lovely dovey~ Although it was a short pastry class, but it was lovely to get together with family and friends while doing something enjoyable.

P/S: to kak yon, Mrs. Faeeza already learnt, so when is your turn? He he he.

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"What goes around, comes around"


Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

1st - thanksss alotttt 2 'we' harithhhh :D sgtttt laaa baik ati mengajar kami yg jakun ;p hehe.

2nd - Faeezuwan la name adik akak.bkn Syazwan.skee2 nehs ;p

3rd - Kim slm kt 'we' dehs. akak tgu cik abe bli oven den br ble bake ;p

HARITH said...

1. ur welcome

2. owh~ haha

3. dh

y[o]n said...

k/yon tggu ade husband supo k/faeeza lah
baru blh g blaja buat cream puff ;)
td breakfast kt kerteh
ade jual cream puff
tp x bli..coz tau xleh lwn ur mom's cream puff
rindu ur mom lah.. ;D

HARITH said...

owh..gtus skali nah nk tunggu..jgn gtu kak yon..hok mano mari ko demo molek 5 waktu shari dop tinggal, dop kecek kokse spo ambo hok demo oyak..terima seadanya~ hehe

last part is very sweet, make sure to give a call if you are coming back to KB..i will ask my mother to bake a few for you~ ^_-

LyNzI said...

harith leh bukak kedai bakery laaa..power beb!! aku ske makan2 roti nehhh. =p

pakcik said...

nak datang kl bagitau. Nak kirim creampuff yang enak. (berbayar)