14 June 2009

Missing Episode 25 - At Aee's House

Assalamu'alaikumu w.r.t.w.b.t. and good~

Below are some pictures that I want to share during my last visit to my aunt's house in May 2009:


Yellow-bell shaped flowers

Pink rose

Pink paper-flower

One of four kitties, which I was forbidden to take picture of them. Ha ha ha.

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"What goes around, comes around"


sms_topaz said...

hmm... org tua2 ckp klau amik gambar kucing nnti dia cepat mati... tp my brothers buat bodoh je... tangkap gak... alhamdulillah hidup lg =)

HARITH said...

to sms_topaz: yup2, my cousin dop bagi amik gambar kucing diorg..so i took the pict blakang diorg..haha ntah ape la sgt y diorg percaya..kalu btui la..sure dh byk kcing y mati terkorban ngn flash kamera..hahaha