23 March 2008

My mumbling -_*

la la la.. aaaaaaa

well..i am not to test my vocal although i am posting my mumbling while watching the Zombie Kampung Pisang.

Lately, for the past of two week (in early March), I was in stressed. I was triggered to post this when I gave a comment to my Best FRIEND: "Improving Stress Through Writing".

La La La..

The 1st case was from the bundles of tasks and works that I received at work. Argh~! Tension raised out of nowhere. Counter attack even worse when I was falling into sickness. One of problem in life that I treated as challenges like others do when they are facing in their life. [Wahhh I am feeling much better than before :D] I did consult with other staff to get their opinion upon my tasks before passing to the Manager. Alhamdulillah, I did well and even the CEO also congrats upon the success of the team. I hope you, the readers would not give up upon Allah's greatness which is countless.

The photo was taken when I was at HOME during the Public Holiday of Maulidur Rasul. Before that, the story was like this. A client of my mother came to pick up her order. She invited us the whole family to go to her house for her daughter wedding occasion. "Lawan oghe mano?" My mother asked. She replied, " Oghe Peringat, oghe klate jg~". My inner side already could predict what my mother would say. BOOMMMM. It poped out from her mouth of what I thought it would be. BAMMM. Indirect message was sent to me. [T_T] Well most parents want the best for their child(S). They want to keep their eyes upon their child(S) as long as they live. Then again, I, you, we, they and others insyaAllah would have our own child(S). We also will be the parents and we want the best for our child(S). AMIN~!

THANK YOU for the time you spent to read my mumbling. I hope you all enjoyed and live to the fullest of your life. Be OPTIMIST.

Pic?! Owh just a decoration in my family lawn. Hope they would live long. AMIN~!

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moroka said...

ada hikmahnya parents buat mcm tu..maybe that is for the best of the rest of their child's life. amin.

we think that we are good enough with our own life tp who knows, parents kita lagi tahu tentang kita. just my humble opinion. =D

ganbatte. be an optimist..not optimus!! hehe. =D