23 February 2010

Dengue Fever - almost

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

Ambo pray that all my readers are in good health and happy for anything that your are doing. Ambo was not feeling so well and sick since a couple of weeks ago. Last two nights after talking to ambo's father, he asked me to go to the clinic because he noticed my voiced changed [serak-serak basah, lupe plak nk g test kat karok, he he he :P].

20/2 night, the doctor's name that checked ambo was Dr. Harith. What a coincidence same name as ambo. He he he ;D. After bla bla bla, ble ble ble, and bli blu blo, he decided to test blood ambo for any potential disease. The result came out after 1/2 hour. He said that ambo platelet level was still ok but low and near to the abnormal level [169]. He said that upper respiratory ambo had been infected by virus. The highest percentage of virus which was active is GR% 71.2H. He said that it is a virus of dengue and the threshold level is below than 80%. Although the result shown was 71.2H ambo felt uncomfortable because it is still near to the threshold level. He then prescribed 5 medicines to ambo, including antibiotic and what so ever. He advised ambo to get enough rest and came back after 24hours for another blood test.

To short out the stories, the second time ambo went to the clinic, the previous doctor was not around and another male doctor attended to ambo. He said that ambo needed to continue with the prescribed medicines and to come back for the second blood test on the next day. On the next day, ambo was attended by Dr. Nor Emi and directed ambo to the blood test section. Alhamdulillah the test for dengue was negative and she gave ambo two days of medical certificate (MC) including another two prescribed medicines added.

InsyaAllah, tomorrow ambo will be working as usual.

"Live Life. Love Life"

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