21 January 2010

PHP's Snapped-shoTs

Among the best memoir of ambo during at Utp was when ambo and few hardcore friends managed to build up and legally opened a new club/society: Peer Helper Program of UTP. It is under the supervision of our beloved counselor and most of us are those with 'problem' and yet were given the chances to improve more forwards. Here are some photos of ambo and peer's members:

Band of 4- the cheer squad

The only training class

At Alamanda #1

At Alamanda #2

Before the JIW

Afterward, but where are all of you?


BillyNain said...

Wah..teringat memori lalu
salam,apa kabo bro?
sekarang tgh buat apa?
keje kt mana?

adli (PHP member)

HARITH said...

alhamdulillah..sihat..ko cam ne? sihat k? keje dh..kat area bangi..hehe..jemput la datang bila free ;-)