30 July 2008

Allah's Greatness

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23 July 2008

Creativenes or What?

During my last week of training in Kertih, me, saiful and arif went to Kertih McDonald for a lunch. On the way back home, we were stunned with these pictures, amazed:

*Tribute to Saiful Bahari for his hand phone's camera.

It was a lorry without his body. Only the skeleton and the engine. Even the seat made of from wooden. He even wear an ordinary motorbike helmet. No seat belt and other safety measures. The driver was like a stunt man. He drove very fast at some point when I speed up to catch up with him, my car was at 130 KM/hr as he was in front of me. He even drove insanely, like a mat rempit. But, he sure is creative and saving the fuel as less weight. Thus the engine did not work hard, theoretically. He he he

22 July 2008

Since I Drove The Car . . .

Yup yup, in the second month during my internship, my sister bought a new car so that I could have the old one. Yes~! It was a great moment to have a car to go wherever I want to. That was when the fuel price at RM 1.92 per liter.

Now, I ought to save my fuel's budget until September or after the Government had been changed. He he he. Hopefully the next person in charged after "be end", would lower the fuel prices. I got tons of plans to go here and there.

But, since I drove the car I have encountered some live accidents and even getting my car scratched. Not me who scratched my car, but other people. Few weeks after I got the car, on the last day of that week, on my way to work, there was an accident between two motorcycles and it happened in front of me. Luckily, I was driving very slower than the other days before.

Then, a few month later, on my way back home to Kota Bharu, I took the sea sides road from Kuala Terengganu. There was another bad accident happened during maghrib time and it was between motorcycles also, I thought so. It was near to the Kampung Losong.

Then, my car got scratched by the driver of the below pictures:


*Be very careful when you see this car*

It was on the morning of 18 June 2008. The road from Kertih residential areas to paka is still on progress of widening. Government projects was too lame and too slow. Even though P*T still paying it for them. That is what I think so. Ha ha ha.

The driver of that Hyundai Getz with the registration number of CBK 6861 was a lady on that day. I am sorry to say that some times, some women totally can not drive properly. She was a very not nice driver on that morning. She scratched my right passenger door with her left side mirror. The scratched was around 10 cm long. Man, I got pissed off because she make a dull face and drove off. Is she that rich enough or too cold hearted person?

I got more pissed off when she looked in her mirror just like that. There was no sadness or regretfulness on her face. I followed the car and took the pictures. Thus marking this car forever. If you, UTP students and doing practical or currently working in Kertih areas, please be very careful when you see this car: take over the lead or try to be a bit far from this car.

Drive careful and be considerate towards others. Do not let me marked your car here. He he he.


Back To UTP


Time flies so fast nowadays. I am in my final year already. Senior already. Indicating already OLD. Ha ha ha.

I would like to say good luck and all the best to all the students out there. For UTP student, batch July'04, let us have a great finale f our study at UTP. It has been 4 years and this would be the 5th year we are here. All the best for our Final Year Project and Final Year Design Project for Chemical Students.

05 July 2008

2nd Visit of Student Industrial Internship Training

Oh, tomorrow would be the day of my first day of my last week of internship. [How much "of my.."]. My presentation have been scheduled from 1230 noon - 1.30 p.m. which is after my colleague.