23 July 2008

Creativenes or What?

During my last week of training in Kertih, me, saiful and arif went to Kertih McDonald for a lunch. On the way back home, we were stunned with these pictures, amazed:

*Tribute to Saiful Bahari for his hand phone's camera.

It was a lorry without his body. Only the skeleton and the engine. Even the seat made of from wooden. He even wear an ordinary motorbike helmet. No seat belt and other safety measures. The driver was like a stunt man. He drove very fast at some point when I speed up to catch up with him, my car was at 130 KM/hr as he was in front of me. He even drove insanely, like a mat rempit. But, he sure is creative and saving the fuel as less weight. Thus the engine did not work hard, theoretically. He he he

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