16 March 2010

Chainned Email #1

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

This morning ambo (I) got a chained email entitled: 'Corporate Culture'. To ambo (me), it is very interesting on how we see corporate people behave or people in an organization behave from one of many angles. But we tend to see bad behavior rather than good that can be example for all.

These pictures may be true and may be not to a company. Ambo's (my) only interest is just to share what do ambo (I) feel / interpret / understand from these pictures. Ambo's opinions are just the way ambo (I) see things and there is no relation towards others. If so, its just a coincidence and not more than to reminds ambo (me) and others.


Pic.1: How To Save Your Job? [Butt-licking]

Ambo's: there are many ways to get, improve, maintain, and save our career. At the very beginning of each thing we do, we needed to set a good INTENTION with a good will. At the same time to keep the SINCERITY in our heart at all time. Then, to achieve the goals we have to work CORRECTLY and RIGHTFULLY. PRAYS always so that we leave the final results to ALLAH to decide for good deeds we have done.

Being a butt-licker is not a good thing. At the end, you will be hated by your colleagues and stinks!

Pic.2: Meeting [???]

Ambo's: Yes, ambo (I) do agree that in a meeting, sometimes we can generates more ideas - brainstorming group. Through meetings we could ease ourselves for couples of hours from heavy loads. Meetings should have GOALS and TIME-LINES. Without these two, a meeting could go on days without reaching out any goals. What ambo (I) like most having or joining a meeting that, there always at least light refreshments. Could ease a starving stomach. He he he ^^.

Pic.3: Inter-office e-mail

Ambo's: Email? The inbox is always full of unnecessary forwarded emails. Sometimes we always received or forwarded the same email to the same people. The email is just circulating continuously. Instead of emailing to a colleague who is on the same floor and not too far from your desk, WALK to him or her by doing a little exercise. This could save some times if there is a network breakdown and at the same time burning some calories.

Most of the times, we do realize that we are actually wasting our office time by going through the not-so-called-important emails. A reminder to ambo (me) and other that if we are the employees that had signed certain working contract, we are being PAID for what have been DESCRIBED (Job Descriptions) and for the a specific TIME of every working days.

Pic.4: Yearly Performance Interpretation [Just for fun]

Ambo's: some are true to some people and some are not. Let's do not be too JUDGMENTAL. Let's be fair and have a sense of good supposition as well as to be grateful of what we have or obtained. To appreciate LITTLE things could lead to BIG satisfactions.

Pic.5: Organization Chart [Just a bad example]

Ambo's: a good staff came from a good organization. GOOD MANAGEMENTS upon their employees, regarding their payments, workloads, benefits and/or welfare can give good influences to the employees. Their honesty and sincerity in working could increase. Loyalty towards the company unshaken. Their concerns towards the company's image would be stronger.

Bad management? Everyone will know. Even the outsiders would be well informed and the words will spread boundless.

Pic.6: Resources [do not misunderstand]

Ambo's: yes, every thing should be planned WISELY and ACCORDINGLY. Budgets are very important when doing projects. Things would be worse when there is an outburst of budget. If there is some extra, or extra extra extra everyone would be happy ^^.

Nowadays, budgeting also including the hidden cost either from the operational cost or 'under-table' cost. It said to say that it is not a new issue. Bribery history could be traced way back past few centuries. Corruption of a man could be from 3 things: MONEY, WOMEN and . . . . . [ambo (I) forgot the last one]

Pic.7: BONUS

Ambo's: . . . . . Ambo (I) hope that ambo (I) would get bonus this year ^^ and to all my readers and friends, lets work hard so that we will be satisfied when we received our BONUS later on. Be sure to make a good use out of our bonus. (peace -v)

"Happy WorkinG every WorkinG daY"

04 March 2010

Mamak Stall

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

Early today, there was a friendly match between Argentina and German for the warm up play before the real World Cup 2010. Ambo drove for the sake of a friend who is a really die-hard and fanatic fan of Argentina, even to claim as his own hometown after the Kajang. Ha ha ha.

Even though we are doing field works, he insisted to night out at the nearest mamak stall to watch the match. So we are staying at D'Vista Hotel in Sungai Petani, Kedah. We arrived at Nasi Kandar Pelita [mamak stall juga~] around 4.15 a.m. and back at the hotel 10 minutes before 6.00 a.m.

Seriously, every time ambo ate mamak stall's meals, ambo will get stomachache. Did spent around 15 minutes and later after Subuh prayer another 10 minutes. It is so achy and painful sometimes. Ambo ordered Roti Canai Telur with cream milk. The same thing happened when ambo at Tronoh 5 years. If had breakfast / lunch / tea break / dinner / supper at mamak stall, i.e.; Ameeth, Salam Corner and etc. ambo will get stomachache.

Ambo xtahu la. Ambo don't know what to say. May be mamak's meals are not that convenient or suitable for ambo's stomach. It is hard for ambo to find a mamak stall that suitable for ambo's stomach, and may be non-exist for ambo's stomach. -_-"

Not to condemn, but this is just ambo's experience, there was one time that ambo desperately had to order roti canai at a mamak stall in Kajang. Like always, roti canai telur 2x. When ambo just about to take home the cooked roti canai, ambo saw the diffuser of roti canai [Penebar roti canai] hands were dirty and his nails were even long and darkish. Ambo felt to puke at the spot. That moment ambo felt so terrible and guilty that ambo did not want to eat the roti canai ambo threw it away and slept hungrily.

Seriously, ambo wonder how come these kinds of people, generally point of view, who are not very keen to cleanliness can still be operating. Are the customers in the Malaysia, Malaysian generally do not concern regarding the cleanliness of their food and the process to make their food? Does halal and haram only are being surfactant considered? Cleanliness is a part of Iman and cleanliness is one of main factors in determining a halal meals or raw food. Please, do not boycott but avoid those things which are known of their haram and those which are SYUBHAH.

"Clean Food | Clean System | Clean Live"